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Short Message Service / SMS Tutorial
SMS (Short Message Service) has achieved huge success in the wireless world.
Billions of SMS messages are sent every day. SMS is now a major revenue generator for wireless carriers. A lot of innovative applications are now built on top of the SMS technology and more are being developed.
This SMS tutorial provides information about SMS application development.
It begins with an introduction of mobile messaging technologies like SMS, concatenated SMS and EMS. You will learn what SMS is, what causes SMS messaging to be so popular worldwide, what applications can be developed with the SMS technology, what SMS center and SMS gateway are, and some other basic concepts of SMS messaging. After that, we will discuss in detail various ways to send and receive SMS messages from a computer, the advantages and disadvantages of each way, what SMS service providers are, the hardware (e.g. GSM / GPRS modem) and software (e.g. HyperTerminal) required to send and receive SMS messages from a computer, and where to find some free SMS messaging libraries and tools.


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